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Spring in the Hinterland

This time of year is simply amazing when it comes to jumping in the car and looking around our beautiful countryside. After a little bit of rain nature stops holding back and everything comes to life with renewed vigour.

Taking a drive around the Childers/Bundaberg area we are blessed with acres of sugar cane, avocado and macadamia nut trees plus lots of veggie and herb crops too. Being the food bowl that it is we are not disappointed when looking upon row upon row of healthy plants that we know bears delicious crops for our region as well as others.

The many lanes that connect the major roads to the coast are an interesting way to discover this land and the farms that currently occupy them with many splendid views coming up as you drive along. Red soil is commonly found along these roads and contrast sharply with the many green shades which show themselves in the landscape, both natural and planned.

If we turn our vehicle south-west toward the neighbouring town of Biggenden we will find roads lined with towering gums and other natives along with grassy fields sporting fat cattle. Looking up we can admire the mountains in the background until we reach Biggenden itself, where Mt Walsh impresses us with it's lofty facade, and temps us to get out and explore her views and beaten tracks.

No matter where you head off to in the region we know you'll find some inspirational landscapes that will help you connect with nature, in all the best ways.

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